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At The Bridge at Kingsport, we are committed to BEING the bridge between where people ARE & where they CAN BE in God. With this in mind, our ministries are designed to teach you how to apply the Principles in The Word of God that produce the life you always wanted, but never thought you'd have!

Want to see if that can really happen?



Sunday School

From the government to the public schools, everyone seems to  have their own ideas about the lives our children should live.

At The Bridge, we offer a fun and safe environment where children can learn about the life GOD has for them, & find their identity in Him!

Kids here aren't just the responsibility of 1 teacher, or 1 department - we consider them OUR kids, & thank God for the privilege of being trusted to love them!

As a matter of fact, when talking to the kids about the adults here, we call the men UNCLES & the women AUNTS!  Why? Because the kids here at The Bridge need to  know they are part of a family, & that they are loved by all!

 Join us as we partner with God & parents to help children get to know God for themselves, & to have a relationship with Him that is all their own!

Pastoral Care

Our Pastor understands he is the UNDER-Shepherd, & the people of God are GOD"s sheep!

Whether you are going through a difficult time or just need someone to talk to, he & his wife are there for you.

From counseling to prayer, to Bible Studies in the comfort of your home,  they seek to BE the bridge between where you ARE and where you CAN BE in God.

Food Pantry 

At The Bridge, we are PROACTIVE in serving others - meaning we don't wait until someone in need finds US, we LOOK for the need, & set out to meet it!

Having recently discovered that fully 1 out of 5 children in our region consistently miss meals because they have no food, we are in the beginning stages of partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee to create a Food Pantry with weekly, as well as Emergency Food Distributions,.

If you are in the local Kingsport area and need help with food, or wish to volunteer to feed the hungry, contact us, as we will soon have the Food Pantry up & running!

Then shall they also answer him , saying Lord, when saw we thee an hungered . . . and DID NOT MINISTER unto thee?

Then shall He answer them, saying . . . inasmuch as ye DID IT NOT TO ONE OF THE LEAST of these, YE DID IT NOT UNTO ME.  And these shall go away into everlasting punishment.'

Matthew 25:44-46



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