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About us

At The Bridge at Kingsport, our Mission is to BE the bridge between where you are in  your faith journey, & where you need & want to be in God.

We do this by teaching The Bible in a plain and simple way - we don't just teach the What, we teach the HOW!

Its not enough just to know that God HAS a better life for us, we need to know how to HAVE that life!

Wanna find out?           

Come and see!


The Bridge Church Pastors, Mr. & Mrs. Arlis Rapier Jr, are NOT ashamed of their Testimony!  Quite the opposite!

They use their own experience of God delivering them from alcoholism & drug addiction, to introduce others to that SAME ALMIGHTY GOD so they can be delivered too! 

Over the course of their 30+ years of Ministry, God has used their Testimony to change and transform the lives of hundreds.

'And they OVERCAME him by the blood of the lamb, and by THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY.'  Revelation 12:11

Our Pastors:
383253146_976117530137529_2461530795071814072_n (1).jpg
384037475_986275062582856_7646333085323088117_n (1).jpg

In the three short years since founding The Bridge Church,we have seen a husband and father on his death-bed with kidneys functioning at only 2% MIRACULOUSLY healed and restored to his family!!

We have seen heroin addictions DISAPPEAR with NO withdrawals or side-effects! 

We have seen people suffering from bi-polar disorder, multiple personality disorder, and ptsd MIRACULOUSLY DELIVERED with NO trace!!

So why aren't the Pastors' ashamed to put the PROOF of their miraculous transformation here for all to see?

Because the POWER of GOD STILL DELIVERS, HEALS & TRANSFORMS TODAY, & we at The Bridge Church want you to know YOU can have it too!

So if YOU need delivered, healed or transformed?



"And they OVERCAME him by the blood of The Lamb, AND by THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY..."  Rev 12:11

Our Sunday School Staff

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Kitty Rapier - Teacher

Irish Rapier - Teacher

Come and See!


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