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The Bridge at Kingsport

Purpose and mission

The Bridge at Kingsport? Not just a slogan, its both our Purpose AND our Mission! The Bridge Church isn't just what we DO or where we GO - its what we ARE - we ARE a BRIDGE!

A group of people working hard to grow in The Word so we can BE The Bridge that closes the gap between where you ARE in your relationship with God, and where you want to BE.

We do this by teaching what the principles of The Word of God ARE regarding all facets of life - and THEN teach you how to APPLY them!

You come visit us, you won't get 3 phone calls, a  letter, 2 e-mails & a knock on your door asking you to come back again! Why not?

Because if you pay attention to the relevant, rubber-meets-the-road Lesson we teach during your visit - and then go home & apply it?

This Bible WORKS - if you WORK it!  And when God does EXACTLY what He said He would do when you APPLY it, you'll be the first car in the parking lot the NEXT Sunday Morning because you're gonna want to know what ELSE is in there that'll change your life!

And hey, if you DO work The Word the way we teach you to and it DON'T work?  Don't come back - WE wouldn't EITHER!

One way to find out?  Come and see!



We appreciate your generosity in supporting our mission to bring people closer to God. Your donation is not only an act of kindness, but also a way to lend to the Lord. "Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed." - Proverbs 19:17

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